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Hindu man marries Muslim girl of family brutally murdered on middle road – India Hindi News

A young man was found lying in a pool of blood on a busy road in Hyderabad. His face was smashed by iron bars. His wife bravely fought the attackers. This horrific crime was captured on camera on Wednesday evening. Police say the 25-year-old car salesman was beaten to death by his Muslim wife’s brother and her relatives. Bi Nagarago and Syed Twenty Sultans have been in love since childhood. They married three months ago uniting their family. Both of them married against the wishes of their families.

On a Wednesday night around 8.45 p.m., the couple had just left the house on their bike when they were stopped by two men. He dragged Nagarajo and attacked him with iron rods and knives. It could be seen in the footage that the crowd was quickly gathering at the site but no one tried to stop the attack. Many people had their cell phones, and they were busy recording the accident on their cell phones.

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Nagaraju soon became lifeless after the attack. His head was covered in blood. His wife was screaming for help. In one of the videos, Sultana can be seen trying to stop the attackers’ attack. Witnesses also attacked the attacker and pushed him away. It was later learned that the attacker was his brother. It was all over in seconds. Nagarago died on a road teeming with traffic and people, but no one could save him.

Sultana said: They killed my husband in the middle of the road. My brother and five others attacked. There was no one to help us. I begged everyone. They killed him in front of my eyes. He said, “People can’t do anything, so why would they come? They just saw. It happens before their eyes, someone gets killed, and people can’t see? I signed it so I could save him.” But they took me away, beat him with iron rods and cut off his head.”

The attackers fled but were captured in mobile phone videos recorded by security cameras and witnesses. Police formed teams to arrest the killers who were seen on camera.

Let us tell you that Nagaraju and Sultana got married on January 31st at Arya Samaj. They had known each other since Standard X, but their family was against marriage outside their religion.

Sultana said that she had earlier tried to stay away from Nagarago. She said: I told her that if I do not marry you, I will not marry anyone else. I told her that life or death is only with you. I will die. I didn’t speak to her for two months before our wedding. “After the marriage, Sultana changed her name to Palavi. Her family allegedly threatened Nagarajo and asked him to stay away.

Nagarajo’s sister, Ramadevi, told news agency ANI, “We filed a complaint with the police after receiving death threats from the girl’s family. I lost my brother today due to police negligence. He is the only breadwinner for the family.” It was “.

Tension arose due to this horrific murder in the Sarurnagar district of Hyderabad. Local BJP workers have started the protest to demand crackdown.

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