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Hindu side claims that Shifling in Gianvapi, Supreme Court hearing for Muslim side today

After scanning which lasted for three days and a total of 10 hours, the Hindu side yesterday claimed to have found Shivling in Vazukhana from the Gyanvapi Mosque. The Hindu side approached the court to protect it, as the court ordered the seal of the vazukhana. Meanwhile, today the Supreme Court will hear the petition from the Mosque Committee against Surveying in Gianvapi. The panel of judges DY Chandrachud and Justice PS Narasimha will hear this petition. The plaintiff, Anjuman Tanzania, appealed to the Committee on Mosques against the decision of the Supreme Court.

Live updates-

Assistant Court Commissioner Ajay Singh told the media that the report had not yet been prepared. Today the application will be filed in court for the next date.

The commissioner of the court was Ajay Kumar Mishra and two of his aides to present the survey report to the court today.

After the vazukhana was closed, it was handed over to the CRPF for security.

Jain asked the court to order the Central Reserve Police Commander to close the place and ban Wuzu and offer prayers for a maximum of 20 people. Senior Oath Judge Ravi Kumar Dewakar immediately ordered the DM to close the venue.

This Shivling is also claimed to be located 84.3 feet north of the mouth of Nandi. Upon meeting him, the lawyer of the Hindu side Harishankar Jain arrived at the civil judge’s court. In court, he said through a written request that Scheffling was found in the premises of the Gianfabe Mosque.

During the last day’s survey, the team made an artificial pond for the Vazukhana River, which was emptied of water. Once the water was removed, the Shivling was found at that spot, which is 12.8 feet in diameter and four feet long.

The police had closed yesterday evening the place in question and prevented the movement of anyone there.

The court asked the Dubai Municipality, the Police Commissioner and the Central Reserve Police Commander, to seal the security, giving personal responsibility to comply with the order.

The Civil Magistrate’s Court (Upper Circuit) ordered the immediate closure of the place where Shivelling was found at the request of Hindu lawyer Harishankar Jain.

The three-day survey procedures were completed at the Gianfabe Campus on Monday. After the end of the last day’s survey, he is said to have found Shivling near Vazukhana from the Gyanvapi Mosque.

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