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hindustan ko bana denge pakistan Sophie Majidi from Kanpur received phone threats

Chaudhry Sufyan, the son of Pakistani fanatic Mullah Asif Ashraf Jalali from Barelfi, threatened the national head of the Khanqah Sufi Society, Sufi Sufi Muhammad Kawthar Majidi, by phone. He also threatened to make Kanpur Pakistan. At the same time, Mullah Jalali posted a video on his YouTube channel, threatening the association and releasing poison against India.

Sufi Majidi confiscated from the Sufi Khanaqah Society claimed that he (Ashraf) also appointed the Prime Minister of India to his channel. I have tried to give the message that by creating instability, India will turn into Pakistan. The meaning of his words is that his people are hiding in India and carrying out events. Jalali is angry at the association’s attack and is now insulting the Sufis.

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Threats received on the phone at night

Sader Sofi Majidi of the association released an audio recording claiming to have received a call from Pakistan on Saturday night. The caller used abusive language. He said he has all of Majidi’s videos. He threatened to make India Pakistan. The spokesperson also claimed that he caused the Kanpur violence. Majidi berated him in this regard, calling him a terrorist, but he kept talking about making Pakistan in India. Saeed – Soon the vegetables will raise the flag on the Red Fort in Kanpur, Delhi and on the Taj Mahal. He claimed, bearing the name of a news channel, that it was he who attacked him. Majidi said in response that he would make India united. He claimed that the caller was Chaudhry Sufyan, the anti-India Barelvi boy Mullah Jalali.

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The police are not helping

Sophie Kosar Majidi said he lodges complaints at the police station. Editing was also granted to record the flight information, but the police do not listen to them seriously.


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