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How Mamata Banerjee Was Trapped In President Draupadi Murmo Yashwant Sinha Election – Indo-Indian News

Presidential election news: NDA presidential candidate Draupadi Mormo is in Bengal today. During that, she will meet with Members of Parliament from the BJP and MLAs. Meanwhile, on a program in Kolkata, Union Ministers Jagendra Singh Shekhawat, Nesith Pramanik, J. Apart from Kishan Reddy and Shobhindu Adhikari, Sukanta Majumdar honored him. So far he does not have a program to meet with the leaders of the TMC, but there is talk that some MLAs from the Mamata Banerjee party may also conflict in the presidential election. This is the reason why Mamta Banerjee shows a soft stance in Draupadi Murmu. His position is surprising because on his own initiative, TMC leader Yashwant Sinha was appointed by the opposition.

It looks like Mamta stumbles on both voting and narration

Those who understand Bengal politics say that the reason for Mamta’s face is the voices and narratives. On the one hand, she was also presenting herself as a leader for women. In such a case, if a woman opposed and this was also a tribal candidate, she was afraid to spoil her perception. Mamta herself says that she is adamant on women. Apart from this, there are 84 reserved seats in the Bengali Legislative Assembly, of which 16 seats are reserved for the tribes. In Bengal, 6 per cent of the voters are tribal and there is a fear of scattering if Mamata Banerjee does not support Draupadi Murmo.

Mamta fears a setback for the tribal seats

In the 2019 general elections, the BJP scored a significant victory in the majority of Dalits and only in the tribal areas. This fact also adds to Mamata Banerjee’s concerns. However, for him, the presidential election also became a matter of image. If she backs down on Yashwant Sinha’s support, she will lose her credibility among the opposition. Mamata Banerjee may be untrustworthy among the opposition due to its withdrawal even after the appointment of its leader. This will have an impact on their prospects at the national level.

Did Mamta Banerjee make the mistake of making Yashwant the candidate?

Mamata Banerjee may have appointed her party leader Yashwant Sinha as the presidential candidate, but she herself did not reach his candidacy. Since then questions have been raised about his position. But in the past, he himself said that if the BJP had spoken in the name of Draupadi Murmo first, we would have thought. Mamta Banerjee had said, “If we had known that he would introduce a tribal woman or someone from the minority community, we could have looked into it. We have great respect for the tribes and women. We agreed on Abdul Kalam. One.

BJP leaves no chance to besiege Mamta Banerjee

It is said that her party and her party deputies are facing a dilemma due to Mamta Banerjee’s soft stance in Mormo. Apart from this, the BJP does not leave any chance to corner him. Western BJP leaders, Shobhindu Adhikari and Sukant Majumdar, wrote to Mamata Banerjee seeking support for Draupadi Murmo. So far, TMC has not responded to this response. But this BJP rhetoric is certainly seen as an attempt to encircle them.

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