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Hybrid terrorists arrested in Bandipura know how to work for militancy – India India News – Hybrid terrorists arrested in Bandipura, Kashmir, know

Hybrid terrorists have been arrested in Bandipura district of Jammu and Kashmir. On Sunday, police said that weapons and explosives were found from these people. It is said that these terrorists are linked to Hizb-ul-Mujahideen. Police officials said that they had received information that these terrorists were on their way from Bandipora to Srinagar. In this regard, the security forces set up a barrier in one place and arrested these people. He said that pedestrians and vehicles were searched during the siege. During that, these suspicious people were found in a car and efforts were being made on their behalf to conceal their identity.

These people were trying to escape, but the police cleverly arrested them. The arrested mixed terrorists were identified as Abed Ali and Faisal Hassan Berri. Both are residents of Hipura Achan in Pulwama. During the search of people and the vehicle, a large number of weapons and explosives, including Kalashnikovs, were found. Two magazines, a pistol and some live ammunition were found in the car. The police seized the vehicle that the hybrid terrorists were using. A case has been registered against them and an investigation is underway.

Tell Police Officers How Hybrid Terrorists Work
Police officers also detailed the modus operandi of hybrid terrorists. Officials said that these hybrid terrorists are not like professional terrorists who are even ready to carry out suicide bombings. But these hybrid terrorists carry out incidents at the request of those who deal with them and then return to their normal lives. After that wait for the next task.

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Why is it so hard to catch these terrorists?
It is difficult to arrest these people because they lead a public life and live as ordinary citizens. Police officials said that these hybrid terrorists have goodwill toward terrorist organizations and are often willing to carry out any incident at the behest of those who deal with them. After that they return to their normal lives.

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