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Hyderabad man’s murder Dalit Asaduddin Al-Owaisi said the worst crime in Islam

About the murder of a Dalit who married a Muslim girl in Hyderabad, Asaduddin Al Owaisi said it was described as a major crime in Islam. Al-Owaisi condemned the murder and said that killing Nagarajo is also against Islam. Please say that 25-year-old B Nagaraju was murdered by his wife’s family members. Her video was also going viral on social media.

In Sarurnagar district of Hyderabad, some people have attacked the Nagaraju community. People kept looking around and killed the young man. In fact, Nagarajo married against the wish of the girl’s family members. Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Al-Owaisi said the accused was arrested on the spot, but some political parties are trying to give another color to the incident.

He said: This incident in Hyderabad is against Islam. The girl got married on her own and the law allowed this. No one can give the right to kill his brother. This is a crime and even in Islam it is called a heinous crime. Let us tell you that when Nagaraju was killed on Wednesday evening, many people were on the road as well.

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Then on the same road, two brothers of Ngarago’s wife, Syed Mubin Ahmad and Masoud Ahmad, stopped them and proceeded to beat them. The accused first hit him with an iron bar and then killed him by stabbing him with a knife. During this, Nagarajo’s wife was also injured. They married last year after being in a relationship for two years.

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