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Imran Khan infidelity case: Contempt case registered against former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan accused of hunting down Madinah – International News in Hindi

Kafr Imran Khan case: Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan could be arrested at any time. 150 people including Imran Khan have been accused of blasphemy against Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif. It is worth noting that the chants of “Korkur” were raised this week in Medina against Shahbaz Sharif and his delegation. The PML-N claims that these slogans were raised by order of Irman Khan.

In the FIR registered against Imran Khan, Imran Khan was said to have desecrated the Prophet Muhammad’s Mosque by raising such slogans in Medina. The feelings of Muslims were harmed by these slogans in the Medina Mosque. The FIR stated that Imran Khan sent more than 100 of his supporters from Pakistan and Britain to Medina in Saudi Arabia to raise slogans against Shahbaz Sharif and his entourage.

In this regard, Faisalabad Police says that based on the complaint filed by a person named Naeem Bhatti, FIR will be recorded against more than 100 accused in this case. Pakistani police have registered a case under several sections including Pakistan Penal Code 295A (Intentionally Harming Religious Feelings). In this regard, Pakistani Interior Minister Rana Sanullah informed the media that Imran Khan will be arrested for raising slogans in Medina.

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In the FIR, apart from Imran Khan, Head of PTI and Minister in Imran’s cabinet, Fuad Chaudhry, former advisor to former Prime Minister Shahbaz Gul Sheikh Rashid, Anil Mosrat and Sahibzada Jahangir, who are close to Imran in London, including Qasim Suri, Deputy Ex-President. From the Pakistan National Assembly FIR was filed against 150 people.

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