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Imran Khan once again gave the example of India to Pakistan despite US pressure to buy Russian oil

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Saturday that India is buying cheaper oil from Russia despite having a strategic agreement with the United States, but the United States has never been angry with him. Whereas Pakistan took oil from Russia with a 30% economy and America was angry. He said America also blames Pakistan for its failures in Afghanistan.

Imran Khan once again mentioned India in a hypothetical address to Pakistanis abroad on Saturday. Imran has referred to India on several occasions in the past, many of which have praised India’s independent foreign policy. Addressing Pakistanis abroad after his defeat in the no-confidence motion, Imran Khan said his government wanted good relations with China and Russia.

Imran Khan said, “America is not used to seeing an independent government in Pakistan. My government was not anti-American, it was an independent government. I have never been anti-American. Nobody is against any country. I had a very good relationship with Donald Trump. He said that Pakistan It has suffered the most because of America’s “War on Terror.” Imran Khan, in detail, said that “Pakistan has nothing to do with the 9/11 incident. But Pakistan has become a slave of America. Their demands continued to grow.

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Imran said: We wanted good relations with China and Russia. China is our neighbor country. Then came the call from Russia. Our relations with Russia have always been tense as Pakistan was with the United States against Russia in the Cold War. So when Russia offered oil with a 30 percent concession, we bought it. Simply put, America was outraged by this.

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