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In the 2022 presidential election, the value of the parliament’s vote fell from 708 to 700 – India News

The value of each deputy’s votes decreased from 708 to 700 in the 2022 presidential election, due to the absence of an assembly in Jammu and Kashmir. The value of an MP’s vote in the presidential election is related to the number of elected representatives in state assemblies in all union territories including Delhi, Puducherry, Jammu and Kashmir.

In response to a question about the voting value of each MP as there is no assembly in Jammu and Kashmir, Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar said the voting value of each MP has been reduced from 708 to 700. According to the Election Commission report, the maximum value of MPs votes was 723 in the general election 1974, which was reduced to 702 in the 1977 presidential election. After that of 1997, the MP’s vote value remained 708.

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Who can vote and who can’t?

Members of the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and the legislatures of all states and union territories vote in the presidential election. Members of the Legislature including appointed Representatives and MLAs may not vote to elect the President. The former state of Jammu and Kashmir had 83 seats in the assembly before being split into the union territories of Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir in August 2019.

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This wouldn’t be the first time that state assembly members were unable to participate in a presidential election. In 1974, the 182-member Gujarat Legislative Assembly was dissolved in March following the Navnirman movement. The Gujarat Legislative Assembly cannot be formed before the presidential elections. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was elected in these elections.

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708 has been scheduled since 1997

Since the 1997 presidential election, the MP’s vote value has been set at 708. For the first presidential elections held in 1952, the MP’s vote value was 494. This rose marginally to 496 in the 1957 presidential election. This was followed by 493 (1962) and 576 (in 1967 and 1969).

The value of the 1974 presidential election was 723

The presidential elections took place on May 3, 1969, with the death of President Zakir Hussein. In the 1974 presidential election, the vote value of deputies was 723. This was set to 702 for the 1977 to 1992 presidential election.

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