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In the face of rebellion, Shiv Sena Chairman Uddhav Thackeray calls for tomorrow’s National Executive Committee meeting

Amid the ongoing unrest in Shiv Sena, party chief Udav Thackeray called a meeting of the National Executive on Saturday. The meeting will start at 1 pm at Chef Sena Bhavan. Prime Minister Udav Thackeray will attend the meeting virtually. Thackeray held a meeting with the district chief on Friday. In this meeting, he said about the MLAs rebel camp in Guwahati that they wanted to break the party. With this, speculation intensified about Udav Thackeray’s resignation as Prime Minister.

Chief Shiv Sena said in the hypothetical speech, ‘I also said earlier that I have nothing to do with the authority. Those who used to say they would die instead of leaving Shiv Sena, have fled today. Rebel MLAs want to break the party, I never thought in my dreams that I would become Prime Minister. I have left Varsha Bungalow but I don’t want to fight.

Uddhav Thackeray emotional card released – now say if you leave the party, Eknath Shinde was already suspicious

Government bungalow vacated on Wednesday

Thackeray said in sarcasm at Shinde that he did everything for the rebel leader and yet many allegations were leveled against him. Prime Minister Udhav Thackeray, after addressing the people of the state on Wednesday, vacated the Bengali official Varsha and went to live with his family in his family home, Matushri.

Now what will be the next step for Udhav Thackeray? 5 big decisions were made even after the first meeting with Sharad Pawar

I did everything for Aknath Shinde

Thackeray said, I did everything for Eknath Shinde. I gave them my oath. His son is a member of Parliament and comments are made about my son. Lots of allegations have been leveled against me.

Shiv Sena submits the names of four more MLAs for disqualification

Shiv Sena has sent the names of four other MLAs to the Vice-President of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly so that disqualification proceedings can be initiated against them. A senior commander provided this information Friday evening. Arvind Sawant, MP Shiv Sena, said the party would also issue notifications to 16 SLA of the rebel faction and ask them to respond by Monday.

Shinde faction is a big bet after a sentimental card, this action on the deputy speaker will hurt Uddhav

Their four names were sent to Parliament Deputy Sanjay Raimulkar, Chiman Patel, Ramesh Burnari and Balaji Kalyankar. “Although a letter was sent to them, none of them attended the party meeting which was held here in Mumbai on Wednesday night,” Sawant said, they were sent and asked to be disqualified.

The BJP wants to end Shiv Sena because it does not want the participation of the Hindu voting bank: Uddhav

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray claimed on Friday night that the BJP’s (BJP) motive was to eliminate Shiv Sena as it did not want the Hindu voting bank to participate. Thackeray has challenged the BJP and MLA rebel Shiv Sena Eknath Shinde to show the Shiv Sena workers and people who voted for the party.

Addressing party council members online, Chief Shiv Sena Udhav Thackeray said that the ordinary workers of the party are his “capital” and as long as they stand by his side, they do not care about criticism from others. “He betrayed the people of Shiv Sena,” Thackeray said.

Police on alert amid fears of protests by Shiv Sena workers in Maharashtra

Police officials in Maharashtra have sounded an alarm across the state as Shiv Sena supporters may stage protests. An official provided this information on Friday. He said that after the rebellion of prominent leader and minister Eknath Shinde, there is a possibility of protests by Shiv Sena supporters. There have been some incidents of board or boards with rebellious MLAs along with Shinde being targeted by Shiv Sena workers in the state.

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