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India refutes estimates of coronavirus deaths by skeptics of model and data collection HTGP – India India News – Indian government’s objection to WHO report, says

A sudden shift in the death toll due to corona in India came when the World Health Organization presented the number of deaths due to corona in India. And it happened that there is a big difference between the numbers of the Federal Ministry of Health and the numbers issued by the World Health Organization. However, objections from the central government have also been raised to these WHO figures.

In fact, the World Health Organization has issued a report regarding deaths due to Corona. According to that report, more than 47 people have lost their lives due to Corona in India. Meanwhile, the official figure for India is just over five lakhs. In such a case, the Government of India questioned the WHO report and said these numbers are incorrect.

In a statement from the central government, it was said that despite India’s objections, the WHO released death figures through outdated technology and models, India’s concerns were not properly taken into account. The government also confirmed that the figures issued by the World Health Organization are for 17 countries only.

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Apart from this, the government also objected to the fact that the World Health Organization collected data using mathematical models, while a reliable CSR report was recently released by India. The government has objections to the WHO numbers and the entire death tally process. The validity and robustness of the models used and the data collection methodology have been questioned.

At present, the method in which the World Health Organization has given this assessment is called access to death. In this method, based on the death rate in the area fighting the epidemic, the number of people who died is estimated.

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