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India vs West Indies Live Score 1 ODI Live Cricket Score IND vs WI Ball By Ball Commentary Live Updates in Hindi from Queens Park Oval

IND vs. WI 1st ODI Live: The Indian team scored 308 throws in 50 displays to lose 7 wickets in their first ODI against the West Indies played at Queens Park Oval, Port of Spain Stadium in Trinidad. India’s captain, Shekhar Dhawan, missed the mark by a century. He scored the highest 97 points. West Indies captain Nicholas Burran won the toss and decided to run first. Shopman Gill and Dhawan gave India a head start. There was a century partnership for the first small gate between the two. Jill was fired for 64, and a 90-year partnership between Shreyas Iyer and Dhawan followed on the second wicket. Shreyas Ayer contributed 54 runs. Suryakumar returned to the winger after scoring only 13 runs. Wicket goalkeeper Sanju Samson scored 12 points. Deepak Hooda contributed 27 passes to 32 balls. Patel scored 21 points.

India vs West Indies Live Score – WI- 195/4 (32), IND-308/7

02:12 a.m.: Half of the West Indies team is back on the wing. The team needs another 96 rounds to win.

01:56 a.m.: Siraj India gives fourth success in expulsion of West Indies Captain Nicholas Buran. Buran was sent off 25 times in 26 balls. This is Siraj’s second share in the match. There was a partnership of 51 times in 56 balls for the fourth wicket between these two.

01:40 am: The partnership between Pooran and King could become a threat to India. The fiftieth partnership between the two is about to come to an end.

01:26 a.m.: Even though the Brooks and Meyers gates fall at short intervals, Team India’s players are unable to stop Windies’ batsmen from scoring. Captain Nicholas Buran hit Sten in consecutive deliveries in Krisha’s over.

01:10 am: Shardul Thakur gives India its third success by disqualifying Kyle Meyers. Myers has been sent off 75 times on 68 balls. He hit 10 fours and six in his innings.

12:55 am: The second wicket fell to the West Indies. Shardul Thakur gave India a second success. Myers and Brooks engaged 117 passes in 113 balls for the second wicket. Shamar Brooks returned to the winger after scoring 46 of 61 balls. During this multiply 4 and 1 by six.

12:44 AM: The 100-run partnership for the second wicket between Kyle Meyers and Brooke has been completed. After the first little gate fell, both batsmen took turns cautiously forward and with the last few hits, both started hitting big shots.

12:30 am: West Indies opener Kyle Myers scored fifty of 42 balls. He has hit 8 four times in his innings.

12:20 am: Brooks and Meyers took over the Windies roles after the fall of the first little gate. There was a 70-to-60-ball partnership between the two.

12:05 am: The West Indies completed 50 rounds in 10 times. The wind has a slow start. But in the first 10 times, the team lost only one small gate. Playing after scoring 27 passes on 24 balls.

11:55 pm: After Shay Hope was fired, Myers and Brooks of the Wendy’s took the roles forward. For the second wicket between the two, there was a partnership of 24 times in 25 balls.

11:40 PM: The West Indies took the first hit with 16 points. Team racket Shay Hope returned to the winger after scoring just 7 runs on 18 balls. Mohamed Siraj caught him.

11:24 PM: Chai Hope & Myers opened their doors in the West Indies. Siraj did the first time for India. Only three runs were recorded in this. The second is over by the famous Krishna.

11:15 PM: India set a goal of 309 rounds against the West Indies. The Indian bowling attack is not very experienced, so the Windies team likes to put pressure on the visitors by scoring quick hits at the start. But the hosts can’t take Indian bowling lightly. Although the players of this team have not played many matches, they have the ability.

10:52 PM:Hitting first, India scored 308 kicks in the first ODI in 50 plus losing 7 wickets. For India, captain Shekhar Dhawan scored the highest goals with 97 points, Chopman Gill scored 64, and Shreyas Iyer scored 54 points. Alzarri Joseph and Gudakesh Moti took two shares to the West Indies.

10:45 pm: After Patel’s dismissal, Deepak also returned to the ward. Deepak Hooda could not read the ball correctly and threw in the process of playing a big shot. He scored 27 passes on 32 balls.

10:39 p.m.: Axar Patel returns to the winger after scoring 21 passes on 21 balls. Axar and Hooda exchange 42 throws on 37 balls for the sixth wicket.

10:22 p.m.: After the fifth wicket fell, Akshar and Hoda scored slow hits but the team’s wicket was not allowed to fall. India would like to cross the 300 mark.

10:07 p.m.: India takes the fifth hit in the form of Sanju Samsun. Sango returned to the winger after scoring 12 passes on 18 balls. Shepherd cashed by lbw.

10:02 pm: The Indian team lost 4 wickets in 37 rounds. At one point Team India is heading towards a more than 350 point score and the wicket has been dropping continuously in the last few overs, due to the team being under pressure.

9:50 PM: India’s fourth wicket fell at a score of 247. Star batsman Suryakumar Yadav returned to the winger after scoring 13 times on 14 balls.

9:37 PM: Shreyas Iyer returned to the winger after scoring 54 passes on 57 balls. In an effort to play a big shot, he took the catch towards extra cover. Buran took his great catch.

9:28 pm: India captain Shekhar Dhawan Al-Qarn missed. He came out after scoring 97 points. Face 99 balls and hit 10, four and six.

9:22 pm: India scored 205 points in 33 batches for losing 1 wicket. Shekhar Dhawan plays 90 times in 96 balls. Shreyas Iyer scored 44 passes on 50 balls.

9:08 PM: Shreyas Iyer also appears to be in great shape in the first match against West Indies. He handled well with short balls. Together with Captain Dhawan, he partnered for more than 80 rounds of the second wicket.

8:51 PM: The Pentecostal partnership between Captain Shekhar Dhawan and Shreyas Ayer has been completed. In the series against England, he did not run on Dhawan’s racket. But in the first match against the West Indies, Dhawan scored half a century and now scored nearly 80 points.

8:38 PM: Shreyas Iyer and Dhawan took over the roles after Jill ran out. Ayer plays a little cautiously. Still having trouble with short balls.

8:23 PM: Shubman Gill was playing very good roles. But Jill lost his share in his quest to steal Jerry. Although Jill made the call to do a run here, Buran quickly grabbed the ball and made a straight throw to get Jill to run out. Jill also seemed a little sluggish while running. Gil scored 64 passes on 53 balls.

8:19 PM: Indian captain Shekhar Dhawan turned half a century old in his first-ever international cap. Dhawan scored 50 points on 53 balls with the help of 8, four and six.

8:04 PM: India completed 100 rounds in 14 trailing. West Indies bowlers have to work hard to get their first little gate. Jill plays with fifty points, while Dhawan scores 41.

7:56 PM: Opener Shubman Gill scored half a century in the first match against the West Indies. Complete 50 rounds on 37 balls with the help of sixty and six fours.

7:47 PM: Bowlers in the West Indies are looking for a wicket. But the Indian opening pair scored quickly without making a mistake.

7:35 PM: The Indian team completed 50 rounds in 7 overs. Dhawan and Jill play between 24 and 24 rounds.

7:30 PM: About a year and a half later, Chapman Gill, who went out to play ODIs, was seen with good rhythm. In his first 16 balls, he scored 19 passes with four balls and one six.

7:15 PM: The Indian inaugural pair gave the team a strong start. Jill plays 16 off 11 balls and Dhawan scores 10 runs on 11 balls. Jill also hit six.

7:02 PM: India’s opener Chopman Gill and captain Shekhar Dhawan opened the innings. In the first part of Joseph, Dhawan hit four times in successive deliveries.

6:55 PM: Jason Holder from the West Indies tested positive for COVID-19. Kyle Myers is back from injury.

6:48 PM:Bad news has come from India. Ravindra Jadega, a player for the multi-level team, has been ruled out from the first two domestic matches due to injury. BCCI provided this information through Twitter after throwing this match.

6:39 p.m.: XI plays for both teams:

Shekhar Dhawan (captain), Shopman Gill, Shreyas Iyer, Suryakumar Yadav, Deepak Hooda, Sanju Samson (WK), Chardol Thakur, Yosvendra Chahal, Aksar Patel, P Krishna, Siraj.

Shay Hope (wk), Brandon King, Fennel Brooks, Kyle Myers, Nicholas Buran (c), Rofman Powell, Akil Hussain, Romario Shepherd, Zari Joseph, Godkish Moti, Jaden Sells

6:32 p.m.: West Indies captain Nicholas Burran wins the toss and decides to run first. West Indies star Jason Holder has been found to be COVID positive, as he is not part of this match.

6:19 PM: The team management will have to make some effort to select players in the middle order. Dipak Hooda, who has a stellar level, can strike for third, and Suryakumar Yadav is also sure to be selected in the 11th squad. In such a situation, the team management will have to decide whether to choose between Shreyas Iyer and Sanju Samson.

6:12 PM: It will be interesting to see who unlocks roles with Dhawan in the first game of the series. Chapman Jill is back on the team. He will form a mixture of right-handed and left-handed with Dhawan, but other players on the team can also get a chance to unlock roles including Ishaan Kishan and Rituraj Gaekwad.

6:01 PM: The West Indies have played 12 home doubles series since March 2017 and won only twice. The team beat Ireland in January 2020 and then Sri Lanka in March 2021. The West Indies last won an ODI double series against India in May 2006, and since then India has won 11 series.

5:50 PM: The first West Indies vs India ODI match will start at 7pm Indian time while this match will be at 6.30pm.

5:41 PM: After beating England 2-1 in the ODI series, Team India will be looking to beat Windies. India hasn’t lost a series in the West Indies over the past 15 years, so the eyes of Team India will go on with the winning campaign.

5:30 pm: The first match of the three-match ODI series between India and the West Indies will be played at Queen’s Park Oval in Trinidad today. Shekhar Dhawan will appear in charge of the Indian team for the second time, while Nicholas Boran will be captain of the West Indies team. This match will start at 7 PM.

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