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Indigo Divyang was banned from flying at Ranchi Airport, and Scindia said I would investigate myself

Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia said on Monday he would personally investigate the Indigo incident where a child of different abilities along with his parents were prevented from boarding the plane at Ranchi Airport on Saturday. The union minister said there is a zero-tolerance policy for such behavior and appropriate action will be taken after the investigation.

He tweeted, “No tolerance for this type of behaviour. No human should go through this! I am investigating it myself, and then appropriate action will be taken.”

On Sunday, one social media claimed that Indigo Airlines employees prevented a teenager of varying abilities from boarding the plane with his parents at Ranchi Airport on Saturday. The post said, “IndiGo staff announced that the child would not be allowed to fly. He was a danger to other passengers. He must become ‘normal’ before he can be eligible to fly.”

The airline issued a clarification on the incident, saying: “Due to the safety of the passengers, a child with special abilities could not board the plane with his family on May 7 because he was in a panic state. Workers on the ground waited until the last minute to calm down, but in vain.”

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The airline said: “The airline made the family comfortable by providing them with hotel accommodation. The family flew to their destination this morning. IndiGo prides itself on being a one-stop organization, be it for employees or customers. Over 75,000 passengers of different abilities travel with IndiGo every month. .

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