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iPhone 13 price in India reduced to Rs 35513 and here’s how to get the deal – Technology News

You can buy the 128GB storage version of the iPhone 13 here for at least 35,513 rupees. This offer is available at the Maple Store, an Apple distributor. The Maple store is offering discounts on all iPhone 13 models. The phone is currently listed for purchase at a price of Rs 79,990. Let us tell you that during the Amazon Summer Sale 2022, it was sold for Rs 66,900.

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According to the banner on Maplestore, the 128GB iPhone 13 from Apple is available at a whopping Rs 44,477 discount. The MRP for the Apple phone is Rs 79,990 but you can buy it for Rs 35,513. The 10387 discount is given on Maple’s cell phone.

5,000 cashback, 5,000 exchange bonus and Rs 24,000 repurchase discount are also offered on HDFC Bank cards. It should be noted that the trade-in bonus is only available in-store and is applicable to iPhone 11 models in good condition.

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Furthermore, the store says that all iPhone 13 models are available with discounts and cashback, depending on the iPhone model purchased. If you want to buy the phone, you can register for the buy back offer on the seller’s website.

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