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ISI chief prepares to expand Khalistan movement in India

After the arrest of four suspected terrorists in Karnal, Haryana, important news has emerged regarding Pakistan. It is said that the Internal Intelligence (ISI) is trying to expand the Khalistan movement in India. On Thursday, Haryana and Punjab police thwarted a major terrorist plot by taking joint action. The arrested terrorists were preparing to deliver explosives to Telangana. According to reports, these weapons were sent from Pakistan to Ferozepur via drones.

According to News18 report, the incoming intelligence memo revealed that the ISI wants to expand the Khalistan movement to other parts of India. It was learned that the new leader, Nadim Anjum, wanted to help the separatist Sikhs to spread unrest in India. According to the memorandum, Anjum asked all Khlestan leaders including Ranjit Singh Nita and Wadwa Singh Babar of Lahore to organize gangsters from Punjab to distribute arms to India.

According to the report, it was stated in the memo that four people arrested in Karnat on Thursday are also part of the group that sends weapons via drones. According to the intelligence, the weapons reached Punjab via drones, and terrorist Harvinder Singh “Rinda” was assigned the responsibility of transporting them to different parts of the country. The special thing is that in 2021, in the Ludhiana Court Blast case, the agency also confirmed Rinda’s name.

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The report quoted sources as saying that the gang was using its local network to send drugs and weapons coming from Pakistan to different parts of India. He said that Rinda is likely to be with Wadhwa Singh in Lahore’s city of Jowhar.

The sources said ISI wanted Wadhwa Singh and Rinda to use RDX to bomb and kill some local leaders due to unrest and look for opportunities to escalate tensions between Hindus, Sikhs and Hindu Muslims.

According to the news, the sources said that Gurpreet, one of the arrested youths from Karnal, informed the agencies that he had received the shipment across the border via a drone ordered by Renda. The sources learned that the accused informed the agencies in the investigation that they had sent such shipments in April 2022 as well. According to the sources, the defendants said that they were getting the information 6 hours before receiving the shipment. The report quoted sources as saying that once the weapons were found, instructions were given to transfer them to a specific place or country.

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