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Jammu and Kashmir News Kashmir Pandit employees have repeatedly demanded to move out of the valley

Kashmir Pandit employees staged another protest in Jammu on Monday. During it, he said that in order for peace to be restored there, they should be settled outside the valley. Let us inform that after the targeted killing of Kashmiri Hindus in the past, Dogra and the Kashmiri Pandits showed their demand to move the staff of both castes spread in the valley from here.

On Monday, hundreds of workers, men and women, gathered outside the press club under the slogan “All Migrant Workers Association of Kashmir,” some of whom read: “Don’t rehabilitate us here at the cost of our blood! Orphaned.” Don’t! Do not widow our wives! The only solution is to move somewhere outside the valley.”

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About 4,000 Kashmiri Pandits have been working in different departments in the valley since they were elected under the employment package announced by the Prime Minister in 2008. The package consists of two main components – one relating to the creation of 6000 jobs for the youth and the other relating to 6000 housing units for the employees.

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Shweta Bhatt, a protester said: “Our protest is part of the continuous agitation for our relocation from the valley because we do not feel safe there. We have arrived in Jammu, while our allies have been protesting in the valley for 31 years. Days. It is being carried out.” “We are working in the field, feeling depressed and unable to focus on our work,” Bhatt said, dismissing government assurances to shift to safer places within the valley.

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He said the protesting workers would not succumb to “the government’s lollipops” because “our lives are in danger.” “Let the government move us anywhere outside the valley until the situation returns to normal,” he said. Bhatt said that while all the people living in rented accommodation have arrived in Jammu, those living in government housing have been locked up in makeshift camps as they continue their protest.

Another protester, Ajay Kumar, said, “We are employed and ready to serve, but the situation is not in our interest. We will return when the government announces that Kashmir is free of terrorism.”

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