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Jason Roy reaches a century ago as England crush the Netherlands for a tight shutdown

The third round of the Netherlands vs England match: Assisted by Jason Roy (101) and Jose Butler (86) a brilliant half-century, England gave the Netherlands 119 balls to spare in their third and final ODI match played at the VRA Cricket Ground in Amstelveen. The wicket is won. With this win, England succeeded in sweeping the ODI series with a 3-0 score over the Netherlands. The Netherlands, the first hitter, scored 244 points, which England achieved by losing only two wickets with 199 balls kept.

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World champions England won the lottery and were elected to beat the Netherlands for 244 rounds. Holland added 203 runs for losing four wickets in 40 overs with the help of Max O’Dowd (50), Tom Cooper (33), Bas de Lied (56) and Captain Scott Edward (64), but then no batsman could open innings. It can’t end well. Hosts Holland lost their last six matches within 41 shots and were only able to set a goal of 245 for England’s victory.

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Jason Roy and Philippe Salt partnered for 85 runs for England’s first mini-gate chasing the 245-round goal from the Netherlands. Salt scored 49 passes on 30 balls with a nine and four before being sent off in the 10th inning. 3 hitter David Malan was sent off for a zero. But Joss Butler, captain in the absence of the injured Ewan Morgan, forged a 163-year partnership with Roy to give England their third win in a row. Roy hit 15 in the 86th century, while Butler hit 86 of 64 hits seven, four, five and six.

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