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Jet Airways will fly 3 years after the Ministry of Interior granted its approval – Business News India

Jet Airways: Finally, Jet Airways is ready to fly again. Now, on Sunday, the Federal Home Office gave Jet Airways security clearance. Jet Airways can operate commercial flights from next month. On May 5, the airline flew a test flight from Hyderabad to obtain the Air Operator Certification. The company gave information about this through Twitter.

What is the company’s plan?
The company had ceased operations on April 17, 2019 as it became insolvent. Then, three years later, the company flew for the first time for testing. Jet Airways CEO Sanjeev Kapoor said he expected the airline to resume operations a few months after the approval of the Air Operator Authorization (AOP) re-verification process.

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The company was facing a financial crisis
Let us tell you that in April 2019, Jet Airways, which was facing a financial crisis, flew for the last time. After that, the airline’s airline services were suspended. However, Murari Lal Jalan and the CalRock consortium won the Jet Airways bid in June 2021 in a bankruptcy and settlement process monitored by the National Corporate Law Tribunal (NCLT). Now it is expected that by September, Jet Airways services will start again. The company also provided indications in this regard.

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