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jignesh mewani bail give reaction in pushpa style again htgp viral

Jenish Mivani, who was arrested for allegedly tweeting about Prime Minister Narendra Modi and then misbehaving with a policewoman, is now out of prison. Once out of prison, he strongly attacked the central government and the BJP. At a press conference in the Office of Congress on Monday, he pointed again in Pushpa style and said that there is no flower, there is fire, there is no kneeling.

In fact, after obtaining bail in both cases registered in Assam, Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani held a press conference at the Congressional Office on Monday. During that, he fiercely attacked the government. He said his arrest was a well-planned plot by the Assam police ahead of the council elections in the state. He claims that this plot was orchestrated by the Prime Minister’s Office to destroy him.

Not only that, he has alleged that due to the elections in Gujarat, a plot against him was planned at the behest of the Prime Minister’s Office. He said that when she was out on bail, a fake case was filed against a woman. During my arrest, an atmosphere like the arrest of a terrorist arose. During that, Miffany said in Pushpa Style that there is no flower, there is fire, there is no kneeling.

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Even before that, Jenish Mivani talked about the same dialogue by referring to it. Recently, once released on bail in the Twitter case against Prime Minister Modi, he was arrested again in another case. Meanwhile, he said this while in police custody as he put his hand on his beard in Pushpa style.

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