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Kabul Attack ISKP Afghanistan Taliban Update Nupur Sharma Commentary on Prophet Muhammad – International News in Hindi

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack on the gurdwara in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. It is now reported that this attack was carried out in response to statements about the Prophet Muhammad. Two people were killed in this attack. The special thing is that the former BJP spokesperson recently made a statement to the Prophet during a televised debate. Then a huge controversy arose.

A local aide to the terrorist group wrote on his Telegram channel that the attack was a reaction to insulting the Prophet Muhammad. The Islamic State in Khorasan Province said one of its fighters “entered a Hindu and Sikh temple in Kabul, killed its guards, and used machine guns and grenades on the worshipers inside.”

The special thing is that a few days before that, ISKP posted a video, in which it was warned of an attack on Hindus and Sikhs. Former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma was mentioned in the video released by the terrorist organisation. Besides, there was also talk of an attack on Gurudwara in March 2020. The terrorist organization had warned of more such attacks. Sikhs are a minority in Afghanistan. It is reported that the government granted e-visas to 100 Sikhs and Hindus after the latest incident.

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Attackers stacked
According to the language, several explosions took place in the gurdwara on Saturday, killing two people, one of whom was a Sikh, and injuring seven others. Meanwhile, Afghan security personnel managed to avoid a major accident by preventing a vehicle laden with explosives from entering the gurdwara. Bazvok News Agency reported that three attackers were killed by Taliban security forces.

In the latest targeted attack on a place of worship for the Sikh sect in Afghanistan, Karti Parwan Gurdwara in Bagh-e-Pala district of Kabul came under attack on Saturday morning and several hours between militants and Taliban fighters, the Taliban-appointed internal affairs spokesperson said. Abdul Nafeh Takur, until the confrontation continued.

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