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kanhaiya lal kill udaipur over nupur sharma support police fatal error

Kanhaiya Lal Murder Udaipur: The brutal murder of Taylor Kanhaiyal in Udaipur, Rajasthan has shocked the entire country. Because of a leaflet in support of Nupur Sharma, the fundamentalists cut off the neck of Kanhae in the manner of Islamic State terrorists. The Rajasthan police also came under scrutiny in the Kanhae murder. The Jhalut government itself also accepts the demise of the police station. But now only ASI is suspended.

The police were strict in arresting Kanhiya
In fact, some people have filed a complaint with the police station regarding Nupur Sharma’s false post from Kanhayal’s phone. Udaipur police took swift action on this complaint, and arrested Kanhalal. However, he later obtained bail from the court.

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So why are the police so slow?
After he was released on bail, she began receiving threats from fundamentalists. He started receiving death threats via phone calls and messages from various numbers. Realizing the danger to his life, he arrived at the same police station on June 15 with a complaint and a plea, where the police arrested him. He provided information about the threats and demanded protection of his life and demanded protection.

The police got it wrong
The police, who did not delay in arresting Kanahia, saw no need to register a case or make an arrest against the threats. All that was done in the name of business was to call some people to the police station, persuade them and send them home with preaching to live in peace and harmony. Why did the police not understand the sensitivity of the matter? Why was the threat of beheading taken lightly? Why was the accused not arrested in time? Everyone asks such questions to the Rajasthan police and it is said that if the police arrested those who threatened, Kanhayal would probably be alive today.

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