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Kanpur violence alert calls for arrest of Nupur Sharma next Friday

On the one hand, there was noise after Friday prayers in Kanpur, while on the other side in Bareilly, a warning was given to go down the road and protest. Members of the Muslim community protested after the barricade was intensified against BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma, also after Friday prayers in Bareilly. They demanded the arrest of Nupur Sharma. Protesters with banners in their hands warned of sedition if they were not arrested. During Friday prayer, an appeal was made to mosques to come to the Muslim land on the next Friday, that is, on June 10.

A large number of Muslims, led by the congregation of Rida Al-Mustafa, gathered after Friday prayers. They protested against the tourists and raised slogans against BJP spokesman Nupur Sharma. Besides, there was a demonstration demanding arrest. He said the BJP spokesman boasted about the glory of the Prophet. He should be caught soon, and he warned against stirring up discord if he was not caught.

Kanpur violence: Unannounced curfew amid uproar, 35 injured in stone-throwing shelling

As soon as the information came in, the police dealt with the crowd. After that the note was taken. Simran Khan said the BJP spokesperson had cheated on Rasool’s pride, which he could not afford. These remarks are made deliberately to harm the faith of minorities.

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An announcement from the mosques of Islamists who arrived on Earth on June 10

During the period of Friday prayer, mosques are implored to reach the land of Islam on June 10. The National Chairman of the Union of Muslim Brotherhood Maulana Toqeer Raza Khan has demanded the arrest of Nupur Sharma. Besides, an ultimatum was issued for a sit-in in Islam Square on June 10 if there is no arrest. During the Friday period, an appeal was made to mosques to come to the land of Islam on June 10.

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