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Kanpur violence: BJP distanced itself from statement to leaders: BJP respects all religions

During a televised debate on the controversy over the Gyanvapi Mosque in Varanasi, BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma is alleged to have made controversial statements about the Prophet Muhammad. Tension prevailed in an area of ​​the city of Kanpur on Friday following the remarks. Meanwhile, the BJP on Sunday distanced itself from such statements. The party said that the BJP respects all religions.

The statement issued by the party said that the BJP respects all religions. The party strongly condemns the humiliation of anyone of any religion. But the party did not mention Nupur Sharma in its statements. In a statement issued by BJP National General Secretary Arun Singh, it was said that every religion has flourished in the journey of India for thousands of years. The BJP believes in Sarvapanth Sambhav. He does not accept insulting the servants of any religion.

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All religions are expected to be respected

The statement further stated that the BJP neither accepts nor encourages any such idea. The country’s constitution also expects every citizen of India to respect all religions. We must give high priority to the unity, safety and development of the country.

Controversial statements in a TV debate

Indeed, in the midst of the controversy over the mosque and temple, BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma made statements in a televised debate against Islam, its principles and the Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad Sahab, using hateful language. There was a quarrel after Nupur Sharma’s statement. Clashes broke out in Kanpur, tensions flared and she had to deploy a large police force.

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