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Kanpur violence news for anti caa and nrc link with kanpur violence

Kanpur violence: Local Muslim leader Hayat Zafar Hashemi has been identified as the main conspirator of the violence that erupted after Friday prayers in Kanpur. He is one of 40 defendants named in the FIR recorded by the police. She gets information that the police have arrested Hayat Zafar. Hashemi’s arrest is of significance as he has allegedly participated in protests against the Citizens Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in the past. At the same time, the BJP described this as pre-planned violence. It is said that it was carried out deliberately during the presence of the prime minister and vice president in the region.

Anti CAA and NRC Link
Kanpur police said the national chairperson of the Maulana Muhammad Gauhar Ali fan association, Hayat Zafar Hashemi, had called for a protest market over controversial statements about the Prophet Muhammad by BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma during a televised debate. According to India Today, in the past, Hashmi has also allegedly participated in violent protests against the proposed Civil Aviation Authority and the Norwegian Refugee Council in Kanpur. It is known that the police arrested Hashemi.

Al-Hashemi provokes people
Al-Hashemi allegedly incited the people, which was followed by stone-throwing and clashes between the two communities, injuring more than 30 people, including several policemen. The police are interrogating some of the accused by arresting them.

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Work of a bulldozer in the house of the accused
Additional General Manager (Law & Order) Prashant Kumar has warned that those involved will be imprisoned under the brutal gang act and their properties will be confiscated or demolished. Other defendants named in the FIR include Itcham Kabaddi, Zeeshan, Aqeeb, Nizam, Azizour, Amir Javed, Imran Kali and Yousef Al-Mansoori. Three information districts were registered against more than 1,000 unidentified people due to riots and violence.

The name PFI also appeared
Police said 35 people have been arrested so far after the night-time raid, and efforts are underway to identify others involved in the violence through videos and CCTV recordings. The association with the Indian People’s Front (PFI) is also being investigated.

Peace in the riot zone for the time being
Action will also be taken against the MMA fan association Johar. We have already detained several people for questioning. Joint Commissioner of Police Anand Prakash Tiwari said no culprits will be rescued, we are monitoring everything. Tiwari said that the region affected by the violence is currently at peace. PAC and police personnel were deployed from 12 police stations to maintain law and order. Meanwhile, he said, the accused were arrested.

BJP attempt – pre-planned violence
The Uttar Pradesh Liberation Movement and BJP leader Mohsin Raza alleged that the Kanpur violence was a pre-planned plot carried out during the stay of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President Ram Nath Kovind and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in the region. He said that behind the riots there may be a political agenda and that will become clear soon. He further said that the main defendant’s contact with PFI and SIMI should be investigated to find out where he obtained the funding.

Remarkably, the clash occurred when one group attempted to force shopkeepers to close their stores, which the other group opposed. This escalated the tension, throwing stones and throwing improvised bombs. Then the police were forced to charge the lathes and tear gas canisters to disperse the angry crowd.

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