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Kapil Dev wonders where Virat Kohli is in T20I playing XI – Kapil Dev got angry at Virat, said

Former India captain Kapil Dev believes that if a talented bowler like Ravichandran Ashwin can be dropped from the Test team’s eleventh play, Virat Kohli, who has been struggling with rhythm for so long, can. Kohli’s exclusion from the T20 team should not be a big problem. Kohli has been struggling to play big roles for nearly three years. Kapil Dev, who made India world champion for the first time, feels that it would be unfair to manage the Indian team if they did not give enough opportunities to players with a great rhythm to display their skills.

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Kapil Dev told ABP News, “If you can leave Ashwin, the second best player in the Tests, then the world number one can sit as well. I want Kohli to score a number of kicks, but Virat Kohli is not currently playing the way we know him. He has made a name for himself on the The basis of his performance and if he does not present, you cannot exclude new players.

The former India captain said he wanted Kohli and the youth to have a good competition for a place in the team. He said, “I want the new players to be presented in a way that makes things difficult for Virat and Virat back in a way that makes the new players raise their level even more. I want them to have a good competition. Virat must think in such a way that one day he will be the best hitter in the team and he must do the same in this team. This is a good problem for the team.

No one… said Sourav Ganguly in disagreements with Greg Chappelle.

Capel said Virat’s “rest” from the West Indies tour should be considered “outside” the team for him. He said: ‘If you like, you can call it a rest or you can call it off the team. Everyone can have their own opinion on this. If the selectors don’t pick it up, it could be because the big players aren’t performing.

Capel said that the eleventh should be chosen on the basis of current form and not on the basis of past performance. The former captain said, “When you have a lot of options, then give chances to the players who are in the rhythm. You cannot go on the basis of reputation alone. You have to choose on the basis of the current model. You may be an established player but that does not mean that you will get chances even after Poor performance in five consecutive games.

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