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Karan Johar was on a Bishnoi gang target list alleging blackmail of a gang member – India Hindi News

Siddish Campbell, aka Mahakal, an alleged member of Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang, told investigators that Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar’s name was on the list of people the gang wanted to extort money from. A police officer provided this information on Saturday. However, a senior official said these allegations have yet to be confirmed. Campbell is a close associate of Santosh Jadhav, the suspected shooter in the murder case of Punjabi singer Seydu Musiwala (Jadhav) and is well versed in the murder plot.

Campbell is being held by the provincial rural police in a case already registered in Pune. He has been questioned by teams from the Special Cell of Delhi Police, Punjab Police and Crime Branch of Mumbai Police in relation to Muswala’s murder case and the threatening letter received earlier this month to actor Salman Khan and his father Salim Khan.

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Many information about the plot of the Musiwala murder case has been revealed

The official said that in his statements to the investigation team, Campbell revealed several information about the plot behind the Musiwala murder case and alleged that Jadhav and Nagnath Suryavanshi were involved in the killing. The officer said he also talked about the future plans of the Bishnoi gang. He said the gang hatched a plot to extort about Rs 5 crore from Johar by threatening him.

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Gangster Goldie Prair gave the information

According to Campbell’s statement, Vikram Brar, brother of gangster Goldie Brar who lives in Canada, discussed this with him on Instagram and Signal. The official said that the names of a woman involved in drug smuggling and a doctor desecrating Sikhism’s scriptures were also included in the list. He said investigative officers are still verifying Campbell’s allegations.

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