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Kashmiri Pandit Rahul Bhatt burns amid anti-Pakistan and BJP slogans, said the wife

The remains of Pandit Rahul Bhatt Kashmiri were cremated at the Ban Talib crematorium here on Friday morning amid the slogans of “Rahul Bhatt Amar Rhi”, “Morbadabad Pakistan” and “Pi Janata welcome”. Kashmiri Pandit Rahul Bhatt was killed by terrorists inside a collection office in Chadura, Budgam on Thursday. The crematorium was attended by Additional Director General of Police Mukesh Singh, Commissioner of Jammu Division Ramesh Kumar and Commissioner of Jammu District Avani Lavasa.

The invasion of India must end once and for all

Sunny, brother of the deceased Rahul Bhatt, lit the brother’s pyre. Meanwhile, members of the Kashmiri Pandits expressed outrage over the brutal killing and demanded protection for the Kashmiri Pandits living in the valley. Kashmiri security should be provided in one place and jobs should be provided in neighboring areas of Kashmir. Rahul was killed by those who wanted to promote and establish the conquest of India. It must end at once and for all.”

AndKashmiri Pandits in grief and anger over the murder of Rahul Bhatt, protests continued throughout the nightAnd

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The wife said – Pandit became a scapegoat

Meenakshi Bhatt, wife of Rahul Bhatt, said that the Pandits have become scapegoats in Kashmir. He said Kashmiri Pandits who have gone for jobs since 2010 have become a target of terrorists. He said that several requests were made to the district police officer for his transfer, but these were not carried out. Because of this, his terrorists committed suicide. If he were to be killed.

Another local, Rakesh Bhatt, said the Pandits should not be sent back to Kashmir, but should be kept in safe camps in Jammu. He said, “Rahul’s killing is another selective killing of a law-abiding civilian. It sowed fear among the other Pandit employees in the valley, who no longer felt safe there.” He said that the government has made the Pandits a scapegoat for the gunsmiths of the valley.” Bhatt said the entire Pandit community is shocked by this heinous crime.

“Unless the slogan of independence is over, the Kashmiris Pandits must not return”

He said, “LG ​​I strongly appeal to Manoj Sinha to eliminate the terrorists and their sympathizers. Until these Azadi slogans are over, Kashmiris must not return to Kashmir, and if they have to do so, they must have guaranteed security. It must be given.” “The killers of my son must be brought to justice,” said Peta Ji Pat, Rahul’s father.

After migrating from the valley in the 1990s, Rahul lived with his family in Durga Nagar here. Rahul was appointed in 2011 under the Prime Minister’s recruitment package and has since been living in Sheikhupura with his wife Meenakshi and young daughter Gungon. His brother Sunny also works in the police department.

How did the terrorists enter the government office?

Rahul’s father said, “I want a thorough investigation into how terrorists stormed a government office and shot my son dead. The government is talking about rehabilitating Kashmiri Pandits in the valley, but its Pandit employees are not safe in the government offices.”

Earlier on Friday morning, angry people marched through Janipur and demanded justice for the family. Initial investigation revealed that two terrorists were involved in the heinous crime and they used a gun to kill Rahul Bhatt.

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