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Kolkata Police summons Nupur Sharma again to comment on the Prophet

Kolkata police summoned arrested BJP leader Nupur Sharma to appear on June 25 in relation to her allegedly inflammatory remarks against the Prophet Muhammad. This is the second time that the Kolkata Police have summoned Sharma in relation to his remarks. According to the official, a complaint was lodged with Amherst Street Police Station in North Kolkata prior to the new summons.

He said that after Sharma’s remarks sparked violence in various parts of West Bengal, complaints were filed against him at 10 police stations in Kolkata. Earlier he was called to Narkeldanga Police Station. She did not arrive and asked for four weeks of time saying that if she came to Kolkata now, she was afraid of being attacked. Sharma’s comments during a televised debate led to violent protests in the districts of Howrah, Nadia and Murshidabad.

Earlier on Monday, a decision was introduced against Nupur Sharma in the Bengal Assembly. This proposal was made by the government of Mamta Banerjee, as there was a quarrel. In protest of this proposal, the BJP MLAs led by Shubhendu Adhikari withdrew. In this decision, the Mamta government alleged that the BJP was practicing a politics of hate. Not only that, before that, Mamta Banerjee herself also demanded the arrest of Nupur Sharma several times.

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In the resolution passed against Nupur Sharma, the Mamta government attacked the BJP and described it as a party engaged in provocation and hate politics. There have been demonstrations against Nupur Sharma in many states of the country including UP, Maharashtra and Bengal. There was unrest in many other cities including Howrah in Bengal and in many places these demonstrations turned violent.

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