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Kuldeep Bishnoi alarmed Haryana Congress and said who will vote

The battle between Rajasthan and Haryana becomes interesting in the Rajya Sabha elections. Congressional concern is growing in both places. The party faces the risk of joint voting. This is the reason why Congress has imposed a blockade on all MLAs in a safe place. Meanwhile, Haryana Party and MLA leader Kuldeep Bishnoi has heightened the party’s concern. He said he would not vote under any pressure.

Kuldeep Bishnoi said, “I have been a strong member of Congress and do not speak to anyone else. I will not take any decision before meeting Rahul Gandhi. Until then I will not stand in any Congress podium. I have not decided yet to vote for Rajya Sabha elections. I will vote of my own free will, not under pressure.

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Praise Surjwala
However, Bishnoi praised Prandeep Surjwala. He said, “Sorjwala is a very good politician, such a person should be in the Rajya Sabha. I request all Rajasthan Congress leaders to forget everything and vote on their merit.

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Karthika Sharma’s claim caused chaos
Elections are held for two seats of the Rajya Sabha in the Haryana Legislative Assembly which is made up of 90 MLAs. Congress gave a ticket to Ajay Maken here. On the other hand, the BJP has made Krishnal Panwar as its candidate. Kartikeya Sharma, son of former Union Minister Vinod Sharma, has submitted his candidacy as an independent candidate. Congress has 31 MLAs to win the Rajya Sabha seat in Haryana, but Karthikeya Sharma’s claim has jammed the nail.

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Karthikeya is the son-in-law of the MLA . Congress
Kuldeep Sharma, Kartikeya’s father-in-law, is a MLA member from the Haryana Congress Party. On Thursday, Central Command invited all MLAs to Delhi. After that all the people were sent to Raipur. All arrived at Raipur airport late in the evening on private jets.

Congress fears cross-voting
The BJP has 40 and Congress has 31 MLAs. Backed by 31 MLAs, the congressional candidate’s victory was certain, but the risk to Congress was from cross-voting. This is so that some unexpected events such as 2016, that is, the pen scandal, do not happen. MLA voting should not be cancelled.

Karthikia has the support of the BJP, the Janata Party, the Independents, and the Gopal Kanda. Although all of those together don’t make it to 31 and only 28 were made in the count, given the way there is discontent among many leaders within Congress, it has been expressed that Kartikeya can make a difference.

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