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Kuldeep Bishnoi said Rahul Gandhi makes his decisions under clique pressure – India India News

The rebel Congress party MLA Kuldeep Bishnoi said while attacking Rahul Gandhi that he is surrounded by people who do not understand the pulse of the people. The MLA of Adampur, Kuldeep Bishnoi, thwarted the chances of Congress candidate Ajay Makin of Haryana by mutual vote in the Rajya Sabha elections held on June 10. Then Congress took action on Bishnoi and removed him from all party positions.

“Rahul makes wrong decisions over and over again”

Kuldeep Bishnoi spoke about the reason for his rebellion against the Congress Party. In an interview with The Indian Express, Bishnoi said that Congress is in a “self-destructive mode”. On the rebellion with the party, he said, “The main reason for this is that this party is in a self-destructive situation. They make decisions under pressure. Not only that, they have taken wrong decisions over and over again across the country.” As far as Haryana is concerned, their decision to appoint Uday Bhan as the head of their party is a disaster.”

Manohar Lal Khattar himself wrote the script to defeat Ajay Makin, how the deal was done in a meeting with Kuldeep Bishnoi.

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Uday Bhan also raised questions

In the interview, he said, “When you choose a head of state, you have to choose a well-known face, a face with its own voting bank and a face that people know. But in this case – who is Udaybhan? No one knew him before he became the head of the Chinese Communist Party. If you choose a weak leader How do you win the war?

Why did Kuldeep Bishnoi vote across?

Ajay Makin lost the Rajya Sabha election due to Bishnoi’s cross vote. That’s why he said, “I [अजय माकन] He did not vote because it is not the Congress party of Indira Gandhiji or Rajiv Gandhiji. Hoda became the Congress. Prior to the vote on June 10, I received a call from Ajay Makin and Party Affairs Officer Vivek Bansal. I told both of them that I would not vote for the party. told me that RG [राहुल गांधी] They will meet me, but they have not met. I did not request an appointment with RG. I announced on social media that I wanted to make clear the promises he made to me. He had no answer. That’s why he didn’t meet me.”

snatched first Rajya Sabha seat, now BJP will deal a double blow to Congress by seizing Kuldeep Bishnoi

I had refused the position of Deputy Prime Minister – Bishnui

Bishnoi said he was not greedy for any position. He said, “I’ve never run past any particular position. About a decade ago, I had turned down the position of Deputy Prime Minister. I like to win battles. I’m the man of the field. That’s what I told RG too. He won hearts. I. I know how to accompany My supporters. The RG promised me that he would allow me to form a party in Haryana. He promised me the position of PCC President. But he failed to keep his promise. That’s why he didn’t meet me because he didn’t have any answers to my questions.”

Vivek Bansal became the villain of Congress defeat in the Haryana Rajya Sabha elections, why the controversy sparked

Rahul Priyanka gave me confidence – Kuldeep Bishnoi

In an interview with The Indian Express, Kuldeep Bishnoi claimed that before appointing Uday Bhan, Priyanka Gandhi called him and promised that he would become the next PCC President. Bishnoi said, “RG has already promised me. Ho [राहुल गांधी और प्रियंका गांधी] He told me that Bhupinder Singh Hooda and I, together, could be an explosive combination. But suddenly I succumbed to Hooda’s pressure. The decision to appoint Uday Bhan was made at the last minute, not me, and only because of Hooda’s pressure.”

RG Doesn’t Meet Nobody – Bishnoi

Kuldeep Bishnoi made a big claim about Rahul Gandhi and said he makes decisions after consulting three to four people. We get hurt time and time again because of their wrong decisions. He said, “Why do you think Cindia left the party? Because RG doesn’t meet anyone. His owner [आरजी] The circuit is bad. These are the people who do not understand politics. People with foreign education cannot win votes here. He should be someone who understands the pulse of the people in his circle, but unfortunately that doesn’t happen. I will not name anyone. But everyone knows that there are people in that constituency who have never competed and never won an election, or may have won their last election battle two decades ago. How do such people understand the voter’s pulse?”

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