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Kuwait to take action against expatriates protesting against Nupur Sharma Paygambar – International News in Hindi

The Kuwaiti government is arresting foreign nationals protesting the statement of the arrested Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Noupur Sharma and Naveen Kumar Jindal Ali Al-Nabi and returning them to their country. As a result, his visa will be canceled and he may be permanently banned from entering Kuwait. In fact, foreigners are not allowed to demonstrate in Kuwait. It should be noted here that Kuwait was the first to protest against the Government of India regarding Nupur Sharma’s statement.

Arab Times Online quoted sources as saying that all the external demonstrators were arrested and directed to bring them to the deportation center and from there to send them to the concerned countries. The government issued a statement saying that all immigrants residing in Kuwait must respect the law here and not participate in any kind of protest. On Friday, March 10, immigrants in the city of Fahaheel staged a protest after Friday prayers.

It is believed that among these demonstrators are citizens of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Besides, the government has issued a warning to expatriates residing in Kuwait, saying that all immigrants have to respect Kuwaiti laws. If anyone breaks the law and engages in any kind of maliciousness, the strictest action will be taken against them.

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He informed the Bangladeshi Foreign Minister of his position
Bangladesh has clarified its position on controversial statements about the Prophet Muhammad. Bangladeshi Information Minister Hassan Mahmood said it is not just an internal matter for any country. Bangladesh welcomed the action taken on Nupur. We cannot compromise with the honor of Muhammad Sahab. We condemn it but also congratulate the Government of India for taking immediate action against those who insulted the Messenger.

He said, first of all, this is not only an internal matter for India. However, here this matter did not acquire the same importance as in the Middle East, Indonesia, the Maldives and Pakistan. Demonstrations took place in some areas along the border, but they were peaceful. They also decided to boycott Indian products.

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