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lata eknath shinde beats a drum to welcome CM husband eknath shinde

Shendi’s daughter-in-law: When Maharashtra’s new CM Eknath Shinde arrived at his home after assuming leadership of the state for the first time, he was warmly welcomed. A large number of people arrived at his home in Thane and were greeted with drums. Not only that, his wife Lata Eknath Shinde was seen playing drums during this time and her video went viral on social media. Eknath Shinde arrived home for the first time after becoming CM on Tuesday at 9:30 PM. On the same Monday, he proved his government’s majority in Council. During the majority test, his government had the support of 164 MLAs, while 99 votes were cast in opposition.

On the same Tuesday, CM MP Devendra Fadnavis from Maharashtra arrived in his hometown of Nagpur for the first time after assuming his position in the government, where he was most welcome. Speaking of Eknath Shinde’s wife, few people know about her, but she also has an important contribution to her husband CM’s political life. Whether it’s to help Shinde out of depression after the death of two children or to help him through times of auto rickshaw failure. Lata Eknath Shinde, wife of Eknath Shinde, supported him in every situation.

Helped her husband Iknath Shendah out of depression

Ekinat Shinde had three children, but on June 2, 2000, a major accident occurred in his life. He had gone out for boating with his family in a lake near his village in Satara District. During this, a boat capsized and their two innocent children on board were killed right before their eyes. This incident had completely broken the family and Eknath Shinde got depressed. So he decided to leave politics. During this, his political mentor Anand Degi and his wife Lata persuaded him to remain a part of active politics.

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