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Like Gyanvapi, a survey of Krishna’s idgah’s birthplace will be conducted and the court will deliver the verdict on the 21

Like the Gyanvapi mosque adjacent to the Kashi Vishwanath temple in Varanasi, there will be a survey of the birthplace of Krishna-idgah in Mathura or there will be a discussion of the 7 Rule 11 CPC. On July 21, the court will deliver its verdict. The court has retained the decision on the application made in the Civil Judges High Division for the appointment of the survey panel by Shree Krishna Chief Janmastan Mukti Nias, Mahendra Pratap Singh, etc. The case of Shri Krishna Janmastan and Edgah. The Idgah side wants to discuss the Seven Eleven Rules of the CPC, while the Shri Krishna Janmasthan side demands an urological survey. The court reserved the letter and set July 21 for the decision.

On Monday, Edgah’s side argued over the request for appointment of a committee of secretary, to conduct an urological survey of Edgah in the civil judge’s upper division court by Chief Shri Krishna Janmastan Mukti Nias, Mahendra Pratap Singh, etc. The court retained its decision in this regard.

Mahendra Pratap Singh, the fund’s chairman, said he had asked the court for efforts by the respondent party to tamper with and replace the evidence at the Edgah residence. Therefore, a curator committee should be appointed there and after an orhological survey of the Edgah complex, the evidence should be collected.

The plaintiff and advocate for the case, Rajendra Maheshwari, said the hearing was held today in Case No. 950-2020. His demand was that the case be listed in the matter relating to the survey. Defendant was seeking to be included in Rule XVII. He intervened in the court a copy of the additional court order, in which it was said that the hearing in the case should take place on a daily basis. In this regard, the court reserved the letter in the order.

Tanveer Ahmed, secretary/lawyer for the Edgha Mosque Arrangement Committee in Shahi, said plaintiffs submit requests from time to time. And he does so constantly with the necessity of postponing the trial. He demanded that the court should hear Rule 7 I, in which it was decided whether or not a trial was viable.

Mukash Khandelwal, attorney of Shree Krishna Janmastan Siva Samiti, said that on Monday, both sides argued in court in the Mahendra Pratap etc case. The court retained and retained the letter for decision making. The court set a date for July 21 for the next session. During that, defenders GP Nigam, Neeraj Sharma, Ehsan Khan, Abrar Hussain, Shahbaz Khan, Saurabh Srivastava, Sarik Ali, Anwar Hussain, Atul Abbasi were also present in the court on behalf of the Sunni Central Endowment Council.

A date has been set for July 21 in the Narayani Sena case.

The case brought by Narani Sena chief Manish Yadav was also heard in the first instance court of the civil judge on Monday. Manish Yadav’s lawyer, Devki Nandan Sharma, said the defendant had told the court that they had not received a copy of the order issued by the Supreme Court in this regard. He submitted the copy to the defendant’s side. The court set July 21 as the date for his case hearing.

In the lawsuit filed by Manish Yadav, describing himself as a descendant of Shree Krishna, an application was made on behalf of attorney Thakur Pramod Kumar Singh Gadawn to become a party under One Eleven. This was also heard in court. Thakur Pramod Kumar Singh Gadon claimed that Lord Shree Krishna was Jadon Thakur who is also Jadon Thakur, so he is entitled to be a party in this case. Pramod Kumar Singh Gadon said the court has set July 21 to consider his application.

Supreme Court order, survey application must be disposed of within three months

A hearing was held in the High Court on Monday on the application by Lucknow High Court Solicitor Shailendra Singh for an Ori survey in the Allahabad High Court. Lawyer Shailendra Singh said that while hearing his application, the court issued orders to dispose of the survey application within three months. He said that lawyer Punit Gupta, on behalf of the Sunni Central Endowment Council, appeared in court.

On his behalf, the requests were said to have also been made in the Court of First Instance. In this regard, the Supreme Court also issued orders to dispose of it within three months. Shailendra Singh said a copy of the Supreme Court order will be submitted to the lower court soon. He said an application under Section 92 of the Criminal Procedure Code was filed by him in ADJ VII Court, which is scheduled to be heard on Tuesday.

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