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In Haryana, the BJP is busy preparing for the Lok Sabha elections of 2024 and also for the Assembly elections. The party is now reported to have shifted its focus to the Jat community, which is considered important in the state. In the 2019 state elections, the BJP succeeded in forming the government, but the party was unable to obtain a majority. The BJP formed the government in cooperation with the Janayak Janata Party.

According to a News18 report, the party is preparing a plan to appeal to the community. A senior BJP leader said the Jat community was cut off from a caste party during farmers’ agitation in 2020-2021. The reason for this was said to be the “disinformation” presented to him by the media against the party.

According to the report, party insiders say wooing the community and not relying on the JJP is important to the BJP. In 2019, the BJP gained 40 seats in the 90-seat Haryana Assembly.

The BJP leader said, “Our allies represent a community, but they cannot prevent us from reaching that community. We do not like to rely on allies to expand our voting bank. Government and party are two different systems.

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According to the report, the party will begin communicating with people on May 30. Ministers and leaders will communicate among the people about the central government’s welfare plans. The party has prepared a list of beneficiaries and will organize conferences to increase contact.

Apart from this, political mercury has also increased in Haryana regarding human public party activity. Will it become a concern of the BJP in the country or not? To this the commander said, “No, though we shall hold Vaishya/Panya and not allow us to move towards you.” BJP representatives are of the opinion that the AAP may have an impact on the Banya community and should be considered, as it is the voting bank of the ruling party.

The BJP leader said, “We have to listen to our voters and their suggestions and not give lectures. They may get angry about some things and we have to listen to them and promise them a solution. At the same time, the party is also focusing on those areas where it will get less votes than a certain community and there is room for improvement. A senior BJP leader said that from Ambala to Karnal, the party got only a few votes from the Brahmin community.The party will work on these seats.

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