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Ludhiana court blast case Stf and Nia arrested main defendants with four arrested for cross border smuggling HTGP – India Indian News

STF has arrested the main suspect in the blast at the Ludhiana District Court building in Punjab in December last year. This operation was carried out by a special team from the STF in cooperation with the NIA on Saturday night. So far, the identity of the accused has not been revealed and the interrogation is underway. It is said that after this arrest, the accused’s relationship with the Pakistani intelligence service also emerged.

In fact, DGP Punjab Police in one of his tweets said that the main accused in the Ludhiana Court Blast case has been arrested by the STF Team at the Border Range. An explosive device was used in the explosion, which was smuggled through drones backed by the Pakistani intelligence agency. This operation was coordinated with the Central Agency. Besides, a photo of the main accused has also been released but his identity has not been revealed.

Punjab police said on Friday that five people, including a minor, had been arrested in connection with the blast at the Ludhiana District Court building last year. It was also found that the minor who was arrested was getting all the technical support for the accused. Surmukh Singh, Harpreet Singh, Dilbagh Singh and Savinder Singh are among the five accused who were arrested on Friday.

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According to the police, just two days before the attack, Dilbagh Singh had kept the IED. The IEDs were then handed over to Surmukh Singh who later handed over this responsibility to Gagandeep Singh. But during the attack, Gagandeep died due to the explosion of the explosive device. Gagandeep was told he was a fired officer in the Punjab Police.

Let us be informed that in the blast case on December 23, 2021 in Ludhiana District Court, former Police Chief Constable Jagandeep Singh was killed while planting a bomb in the toilet, while six others were injured. IEDs were used by the defendants in this explosion in the district court. At present, the terrorists who carried out this attack have been arrested by the investigation agency.

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