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The political drama that lasted about 10 days in Maharashtra is in its final stages. Eknath Shinde, who had rebelled against the MVA government, was appointed Prime Minister. The announcement of Shinde’s name surprised everyone amid discussion of Devendra Fadnavis’ name. However, if we look at the bigger picture, the BJP did not kill two but rather three victims with one arrow. Let us understand in detail the gains made by the BJP in this latest political development…

The Indian Express reported that the BJP had removed a “chief army minister” in response to the argument of the Udhav Thackeray camp. Second, a larger message was sent that the BJP was looking after its allies. Also, with the help of this, the party can play a big political game in the upcoming BMC elections. Right now, all eyes are on the BMC election, where Shiv Sena has been in control for 25 years.

Uddhav Thackeray lost, Eknath Shinde benefited from a promotion, and Devendra Fadnavis also benefited; Left “far” from Shiv Sena’s hands

And would Udhav not be able to establish politics in the name of Plasaheb Thackeray?
Through this, the BJP created another problem for Uddhav. According to the report, he will now be unable to sympathize or politically benefit from his father’s name, Thackeray. The BJP leader said, “This was the only way to remove Udhav. For the BJP, there is revenge as well as a guarantee for the future. Now Shinde will carry on the legacy of Bal Thackeray in Shiv Sena. He will also remain loyal to the BJP as he needs our support in the political and legal battle.” coming.

How many leaders from Eknath Khadse to Pankaja Munde became marginalized and Devendra Fadnavis became chief

Trying to make Shiv Sena in your favor
According to the report, a party strategist said, “We are confident that there will be a large number of soldiers on our side under the leadership of Shinde. Shinde Sena will emerge stronger than Udhav. At the same time, there is not much time left in the 2024 Lok Sabha and Assembly elections. In such a situation, Shiv Sena would also find it difficult to recover on time.

The Maratha side will be strong
Shendi is the leader of the Maratha. In such a situation, it would also be easy for the BJP to reach 30 per cent of the population. The BJP had to face the agitation for the Maratha quota in the last government. Also, the party chose Waha Brahmin to be the prime minister, which angered the community. According to the report, the BJP also believes that through its support for Shinde, poverty can attract Marathas and OBCs who have strong support from the military.

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