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Monday’s word test could be called the last stop in the political contest going on in Maharashtra. Prime Minister Eknath Shinde’s government won the vote of confidence with the support of 164 SLA members. At the same time, about two weeks ago, the alliance of Maha Vikas Agadi, who was in power, was reduced to 99. In terms of personalities and position, Shiv Sena’s policies and especially the Thackeray family were affected. On the other hand, the party lost MLAs first. At the same time, the struggle later also ended with the loss of the CM seat. Once we understand in detail how it all began …

It’s June 20 or 21. Uddhav Thackeray, then Chief Minister of Maharashtra, called a meeting of all MLAs in Shiv Sena. He had doubts about the counter-voting in the Legislative Council elections. All party MLAs have been directed to attend this meeting. However, there was no trace of Minister Eknath Shinde and the 11 MLAs. There have been reports that dozens of MLAs from Maharashtra have arrived at Surat.

On June 22, it was reported that the Moroccan Liberation Army, which was based in Surat in Gujarat state, had moved to Guwahati in the northeastern state of Assam. Upon getting there, Shinde demanded to support 40 MLAs. The special thing is that this number was enough to save him from the Secession Prevention Law.

I came back and brought Eknath Shinde, this ‘ED’ government: Devendra Fadnavis

On the third day, Deepak Kesarkar, Mangesh Kodalkar and Saada Sarvankar also reached Guwahati. Then both of the rebel MLAs demonstrated their power by releasing the video for the first time. Here, in Mumbai, Shiv Sena was claiming to “kidnap” MLAs. The special thing is that the proposal signed by 34 MLAs went to Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari, as Shinde was said to be the leader of the legislative party.

Shiv Sina then demanded the removal of 16 rebels from the Sudan Liberation Army. A letter was delivered to the Vice-President of the House of Representatives in this regard. In response, two independent MLAs decided to file a motion of no-confidence against the deputy speaker of the House. The special thing is that 34 MLAs signed this decision. However, Girwal refused this.

Sanjay Raut once again mocked the Eknath Shinde faction, even Kasab didn’t get much security; As predicted by Sharad Power

Political struggle hit the road
The political drama has now shifted from meetings and press conferences to the streets. Shiv Sena workers started a quarrel. Its first victim became the rebellious MLA Tanaji Sawant office in Pune. At the same time, the office of Shrikant Shinde, son of Eknath Shinde and MP, was also vandalized in Thane.

The legal battle escalates
Shinde moved in front of the Supreme Court with a vote of no-confidence motion against the deputy speaker of the House refused. The court then granted temporary relief to the rebel MLA groups and gave them until July 12 to respond to the notice of ineligibility. Besides, the court also requested documents from the deputy speaker of the House of Representatives. On the same day, CM Thackeray also withdrew his responsibilities from the 9 MLAs.

Another call has entered the BJP now
Thackeray pleaded with the MLAs to return to Mumbai, but the MLAs remained stuck in Guwahati. Here, BJP leader Vadnavis increased the political pace. He wrote a letter to Governor Kochari asking her for a floor test. After that the government was called to establish a majority.

The last round starts here
When the rebels were asked to establish a majority on Thursday, June 30th, the MLA left Guwahati for Goa. He was said to have taken this step in order to hold sessions of the House of Representatives in Mumbai. Not only that, the Supreme Court also rejected Thackeray’s petition to stop the floor-testing order. Then he announced his resignation in the evening.

The BJP has started its meetings in Mumbai. There, Shinde left the MLAs in Goa and arrived in Mumbai. After that, the two leaders met with the governor. Shortly thereafter, Vadnavis announced that Shendi would be prime minister and that he would be out of government. However, at the request of the higher leadership, he accepted the post of Deputy Prime Minister.

How are you now
Shiv Sena, who went to Parliament Speaker election on Sunday with 16 MLAs, struggled again on Monday. There were reports that two other MLAs of the Uddhav faction had turned into the rebels. The Shiv Sena party, which was the largest coalition party with 56 MLAs at the start of power, split into two parties. At present, Uddhav has only 14 MLAs. Where about 40 MLAs came out on top in the Shinde faction.

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