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Maharashtra Mumbai police stations are on high alert as Chef Cynic can take to the streets in droves

Shiv Sena workers are ready to take to the streets in droves amid the ongoing political struggle in Maharashtra. Maharashtra Police has asked all police stations to be on high alert in this regard. The Maharashtra government led by Uddhav Thackeray has been in trouble since the Eknath Shinde rebellion, which was camped in Guwahati with 37 Shiv Sena MLAs and 10 independents.

At the same time, after a large number of MLAs rebelled, Shiv Chief Sena Uddhav Thackeray vacated the official residence of the Prime Minister and went to his private residence, Matoshree. Now there is news that the Shiv Sena workers will be taking to the streets against the rebel MLAs. In some places, Shiv Sainiks also began to protest rebellious MLAs.

Udhav Thackeray and Ignat Shinde fought over the sons. He said – why did he only target my son?

Maharashtra Police issued an alert saying, “All police stations in Maharashtra, especially in Mumbai, have been ordered to remain on high alert. The police have received information that Shiv Saink may take to the streets in large numbers. Peace has been ensured.” be vigilant to do so.” The police order comes at a time when the office of rebellious MLA Mangesh Kudalkar in Korla has allegedly been vandalized by Shiv Sena workers today.

You Won’t Bow… MP Navnet Rana, who was seen in Pushpa style amid Uddhav Thackeray’s troubles, also took on a farce in MNS

The MVA government in Maharashtra is going through its worst phase since coming to power in 2019. The Shiv Sena senior minister, Eknath Shinde, is camping in the Bharatiya Janata (BJP)-ruled Assam along with some rebels from the SLA from Maharashtra. The crisis came hours after the June 20 Legislative Assembly elections, when the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) managed to secure its fifth candidate. Shinde cannot be contacted after the results are in. He and a group of rebel MLAs resided in Gujarat, but they all later moved to Assam. Currently, he is camping in a hotel in Guwahati with 37 rebel Shiv Sena MLAs and nine independent MLAs.

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