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Maharashtra Politics Sanjay Raut soon said Shinde Sarkar will collapse Devendra Vadnavis

While praising Sanjay Raut, Maharashtra’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief, Chandrakant Patel, targeted the Shinde government. Reut said on Sunday that given the dual stance of the Shinde-led government, it appears that its base is not strong and that this government will not be able to hold out for long. He said that the Shind government would fall only because of its own contradictions.

You won’t give dates on loudspeakers like BJP: Raut
We won’t give appointments on megaphones like the BJP,” said Raut. But this government certainly will not last long. The chief spokesperson for Shiv Sena, Raut, said that even after about a month after the formation of the Shinde government, no portfolio had been allocated. He said, “This government that has a dual position created a secret, will fall due to its inconsistency. The foundation of this government is not strong.

Why does the loudspeaker say
The BJP’s Maharashtra unit chief Chandrakant Patel said earlier on Saturday that the party had taken a “difficult decision” to make rebellious Shinde Shiv Sena as prime minister instead of (former prime minister) Devendra Fadnavis. With Vadnavis calling Root a “loudspeaker” that made people tired, MP Shiv Sena said his “speaker is the voice of the people of Maharashtra” and will continue to express his views.

He said: Even Fadnavis listens to my megaphone. Whatever we want to say, we say boldly. He said, “The Shiv Sena megaphone has been playing for 56 years and people are always curious to know what he is saying. The Shiv Sena leader said, ‘You look at your government. How often do you go to Delhi? Even after a month, the division of partitions hasn’t happened.’”

Raut mocked Vadnavis for his statement that the BJP had formed the government with Shiv Sena in the past. Wondering which Chef Sena is he talking about? Can there be Shiv Sena without (party founder) Balachand and Udhav Thackeray? He said there was anger among Shiv Cynix and the people of Maharashtra that Esshab’s son had been betrayed and forced to step down as Prime Minister. “This government will be engulfed in the tears and anger of the Shiv Saink family,” Raut said.

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