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Mahila Congress chief Nita D’Souza spits at policemen in Delhi during Agnipath protest Vial video on social media

Amidst the ‘Satyagraha March’ for Congress in Delhi on Tuesday, a video of Mahila Congress President Nita D’Souza went viral on social media in which she was seen spitting on policemen while in custody. Everyone condemns spitting on cops like this. In this act of Congress leader, Delhi Police will register a criminal case against him. However, after the matter caught fire, the congressional leader made a clarification to him on Twitter and provided the real reason for spitting.

In fact, the Congress on Tuesday took a ‘Satyagraha rally’ in Delhi to protest the Enforcement Directorate (ED) interrogation of Rahul Gandhi in the alleged money laundering case related to the National Herald and the new ‘Agneepath’ scheme for military conscription. After that, many party leaders and workers were arrested by the police.

Meanwhile, a video of Congress President Mahila Nita D’Souza has gone viral on social media where she is allegedly spitting on policemen while she is in custody.

Delhi BJP Secretary Impreet Singh Bakshi also shared this video on Twitter saying, “This is the work of Mahila Congress President Nita D’Souza. These soldiers are spitting on women, because of this bad anti-patriotic mentality and the military, they have become presidents.

At the same time, when the controversy erupted over the viral video, Nita posted a video on Twitter saying that she did not spit, but some dirt got into her mouth during the fight by the police, which she was removing.

Posting a video on Twitter, he wrote, “Propaganda (propaganda) is being run against me in the media. During the quarrel by the police, some dust and dirt got into my mouth. I took it out of my mouth. I have no intention of disrespecting the security personnel. Satyameva Jayati.

Meanwhile, earlier a video clip surfaced of Congressional spokeswoman Alka Lamba who was seen crying. Alka claims that the police beat her while she was just chanting the slogans “Jai Gwan, Jay Kisan” and “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”. There has been no response from the police to his allegations so far.

Let us tell you that the main opposition Congress party has targeted the central government due to administrative questioning of Rahul, saying that this investigation is done only to insult her ex-president, because there is nothing constitutional and legal in this whole process. There is not.

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