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Mamata Banerjee election chief BJD meeting hints at BJP support – India India News

Mamta Banerjee called for a meeting in Delhi today regarding the presidential election. It is said that he invited a total of 18 parties in this, but parties like BJD, TRS and Aam Aadmi Party refused to participate. On the other hand, TRS stated that Congress will not come on invitation, while the AKP and General Adami Party described it as premature to call a meeting on the presidential election. This BJP stance will heighten the opposition’s fears and the BJP could get a boost from it. In fact, while giving the reason for refusing to attend the BJD meeting, Mamta said it’s too early to talk about it now.

“Don’t even go when you call,” Oisi for not receiving an invitation to meet Mamta

The AKP’s statement will increase the tension of the opposition

The ruling Odisha party says we will take any decision on the presidential election after seeing the NDA candidate. BJD sources said that if the name of Draupadi Murmu, which is being discussed on behalf of the NDA, is relayed, it will be difficult for us to oppose it. In fact, Draupadi comes from the Murmu tribal community and was born in Odisha itself. Not only that, in 2000, she was also the Minister of Odisha in the BJP-BJP coalition government. In such a case, the BJD would not want to protest in the name of the state and the tribal leader.

Why many parties do not attend the Mamta meeting, is it compulsory or something else?

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BJP will be very close to the magic number with the support of BJD

If the BJP candidate is supported by the BJP, it will be easy for him to win the presidential election. Speaking of the mathematics of the presidential election, the value of the total votes is 10,79,206. The National Democratic Rally needs more than half of the votes i.e. 5 lakh 40,000 votes to win this election. The BJP alone has 4,59,414 votes. Apart from this, the vote value of its ally JDU is 22,485 and the votes of AIADMK are 15,816. Thus the value of the total votes in the NDA is 4,97,715.

The opposition front began to disintegrate even before the formation, and 3 parties will not come

NDA less than 43K votes only

In this case, the NDA is less than the votes equal to only 43 thousand. Speaking of BJD, his vote value is 31,686. At the same time, the votes of the ruling party’s right-wing party in Andhra Pradesh are 43,450. In such a case, if there is support on his side as well, then the NDA will win easily. The way the opposition is divided, it doesn’t seem hard for the NDA to win. In fact, there is also an ongoing debate that the BJP could give a ticket to any tribal or minority leader, which would be difficult for any party to oppose.

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