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Manika Gandhi is not happy about the bureaucratic couple moving on their dog walk

BJP MP and animal rights activist Manika Gandhi has responded to the central government’s relocation of an IAS officer to Ladakh after she roamed the stadium with a dog. He said the transfer of the IAS officer was a loss for Delhi. What is the course of action in this matter, the Center asked?

Former Union Minister Maneka Gandhi said: “No one can move anyone anywhere. It will hurt Delhi and move the center is a conspiracy.”

Which way is this?
Maneka Gandhi said that Ladakh and Arunachal are places where people go with pleasure. Why are these places treated as punitive posts? These places also need good officers.”

Delhi’s loss
When asked about Trinamool Congress’s Mahwa Muitra tweet “Relocation is not the only disciplinary option for wrongful officers,” Maneka Gandhi said, “I know my IAS husband Sanjeev Khairwar and Rinku Doga very well. The allegations are wrong. They are talented and honest bureaucrats When Khairwar was the environment minister, that was very helpful For Delhi, he not only listens to problems, but also tries to solve them.

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It is worth noting that in the photo that went viral this week, the couple Sanjeev Khairwar and Rinko Doga are seen walking with their dog at the racetrack inside Thyagaraj Stadium in Delhi. The athletes claimed they were asked to leave the stadium by 7pm as the bureaucrats then left with their pets.

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