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“Meghalaya Governor Satyapal Malik said on the megaphone Modi government line towards destruction

The ruler of Meghalaya Satya is often surrounded by the owner of the central government. Now he has launched a scathing attack on the BJP government at the center regarding the megaphone controversy. He said that only those questions that made no sense were being discussed. The country is heading towards destruction. He had arrived at Muzaffar Najjar on Sunday. Participate in many programs.

Malik said: “It seems that the promises made by the government to farmers have not been kept. There is a fear that farmers may not have to enter the field again. The government had promised the farmers MSP but so far no concrete steps have been taken. Today, he said, the questions should be about inflation and unemployment but people are not paying attention to them. Nobody is asking about the state of gasoline and diesel and nobody is talking about taxes.

He said: I appeal to both Hindus and Muslims to fight you in the name of Chalisa. Don’t listen to them. Stop fighting, gather and learn to fight for your livelihood.

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As Malik said on the UP . Government Bulldozer
Satypal Malik also arrived at the residence of former MP Harendra Malik. And here he also talked about the work of the bulldozer. He said the bulldozers are not working in Meghalaya. Here UP fits the government, which is why it is run. He hoped that the Court would certainly take note of the matter.

Allegations of scams have been made in Kashmir
Let us tell you that Sathya Pal Malik was the ruler of Jammu and Kashmir. He had made serious allegations regarding the fraud in Kashmir, and the name of the Sang leader was also mentioned in it. He said that when he retires, he will reveal more revelations. He once said Melvin had reached him in Kashmir. One belonged to Ambani and the other was from a senior RSS leader. I have canceled these two deals.


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