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Meta announces $4,000 per month for original content on Facebook Reels

If you are also fond of making bobbins, here is great news for you. Now you can also earn from Facebook through Reels. Through Reels, you will be able to earn more than 3 lakh rupees every month. Facebook-owned Meta has announced that creators who create original content in Facebook Reels will be charged Rs 3.07 lakh per month.

These creators will be given dollar payments, which will depend on the number of views on the reels. The company said there is an opportunity to earn up to $4,000 per month on Facebook Reels. If we convert these dollars into rupees, this amount will be about 3.07 thousand rupees.

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This is how you will earn from the reels
“We offer ‘challenges’ on Facebook, which help creators earn money through content. Through this, they can earn up to $4,000 in one month,” Meta said in a statement. The company said some challenges have been put in place under the program, and the creators will earn money for each challenge.

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For example – in the first level, when each of the five creator reels exceed 100 views, you will win $20. When the creator completes the challenge, the next challenge unlocks. After completing the 5 reel challenge, creators will be challenged to complete 500 views on 20 reels, and win $100. After completing each month, you have to start from 0.

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