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Minister of State for Shakti Dinesh Khatik left Lucknow before Yogi disappeared from the meeting of Finance Minister Suresh Khanna even after his stay in Meerut

The discontent of the government minister of Yogi Dinesh Khatik, who offered to resign due to the position of the officers, is not completely gone yet? The party’s senior leadership may have put an end to the confusion on Dinesh Khatik’s mind, but something was still going on inside Minister of State Jal Shakti, whose distinctive mark was also seen on Friday. Dinesh Khatik did not arrive at the closing groundwater week held in Lucknow, and also missed the meeting of Finance Minister Suresh Khanna in the evening.

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While living in Meerut, Dinesh Khatik did not consider meeting the Minister of Finance a waste for him. Finance Minister Suresh Khanna was in Meerut on Friday, where he met party workers and listened to their problems, but even after waiting for Dinesh Khatik, he did not arrive. In this case, when the media wanted to get information by calling Dinesh Khatyk’s house, his employees hung up the phone saying that the minister’s health is bad, he took a rest.

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Dinesh Khatik turned off his mobile phone

The supreme leadership of the party had advised Dinesh Khatyk to keep the matter of the party and the government at home, and not raise it abroad. After that, Dinesh Khatik met with a yogi. From here he went to Delhi, then to Meerut and now he switched off his mobile too. After meeting Yogi, everything seemed to be fine. During that, he also told the media that he would continue to do the work as he had been doing, but on Friday, he did not reach the meeting of CM Yogi, Cabinet Minister Swatantradev and State Minister Ramkesh Nishad once again expressing his dissatisfaction. .

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Dinesh Khatik was injured in the officer position for a month and a half

Dinesh Khatik has been expressing his dissatisfaction with the officers in several cases for a month and a half, but on July 19, he was more hurt by the behavior of the officers of his department. Then he decided to resign. Along with the list of all allegations, he sent his resignation to Raj Bhavan as well as to Federal Home Minister Amit Shah. When the message was widely spread, advice was also received from the BJP leadership.

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Major allegations were made in the letter

The Minister of State for Jal Shakti Affairs Dinesh Khatik had written a letter regarding the work of the government and the ongoing corruption in various departments. In the letter, many big questions were raised about the work of the government and the corruption taking place in the department. He had written in the letter that corruption was taking place on a large scale by ignoring the rules in the Namami Jang and Har Gar Jal Yojana. He wrote that there was a disturbance in the transportation of staff and officers on a large scale in the circle of Jal Shakti. After that I asked for information from the head of the department, but no action has been taken so far.

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