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Modi Goft confirms 19 MPs’ comment on Rajya Sabha opposing debate – India India News

A total of 19 members, including seven Trinamool congressmen, were suspended Tuesday from the House of Representatives for the remainder of this week to block the Rajya Sabha’s actions. However, in the meantime, the government side also came to the fore. She said she was ready to discuss the issue of inflation, as members of the opposition had been informed. The center said that the Minister of Finance is ill and the matter will be discussed upon her return. In fact, the earlier Rajya Sabha members protested fiercely in the House of Representatives for not discussing the issue of inflation.

19 opposition MPs suffer an uproar in Parliament, their membership in Rajya Sabha has been suspended for a week

After members were suspended, Union Minister Piyush Goyal said the decision was taken with tenderness. The Speaker of the House of Representatives decided to suspend the membership of some members of opposition parties. We have said time and time again that we are open to discussing any issue including price hikes and have agreed to their request to discuss this matter. They are constantly disrupting the House of Representatives’ procedures.”

He said the government hopes that when Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman returns to work, the issue of inflation will be discussed. Please say the Finance Minister is ill, so she is unable to participate in the seasonal Parliament session. Joel said that despite the government’s assurances, the opposition had consistently obstructed House proceedings and violated the rights of other members to ask questions and participate in discussions.

The arrested Rajya Sabha MPs include members from Telangana Rashtra Samethi, Dravida Munitra Kazagam (DMK), the Communist Party of India and the Marxist Communist Party. Vice President Harivansh has repeatedly asked the protesting opposition members to return to their places and not to disturb the House procedures. He also warned those who rioted, but this had no effect on them. As the brawl did not stop and there was no effect on the members of the opposition, the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Muralidaran made a motion to suspend 10 members, but when it was passed by vote, Harivansh took the names of the 19 members and said that these members should be suspended from the rest of the week’s meetings .

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