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Modi gov 5 major decision to control cool prices for inflation, Petrol, Diesel, LPG, other details here – Business News India

Inflation has become a big problem in the world including India. Various steps are being taken around the world to relieve the general public from inflation. The question is, what are the decisions taken by the Government of India thus far, from which the general public is expected to feel comfortable. Let’s get acquainted with 5 important decisions of the government.

The government has announced a reduction in the excise tax on petrol by Rs 8 per liter and on diesel by Rs 6 per liter. Reduction of excise tax on petrol and diesel will result in a loss of INR 1 crore to the government. However, due to this central government decision, many states have drastically reduced the prices of both gasoline and diesel.

The government has also reduced import duties on key raw materials and inputs to the steel and plastic industry. Apart from that, the government has put in place a plan to reduce cement prices.

The government allowed the import duty-free of two million tons of crude soybean oil and crude sunflower oil during the current and next fiscal year. This will reduce the price of edible oil.

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Under the Ujjwala scheme, the government has also given a subsidy of Rs 200 per cylinder. About nine crore beneficiaries will benefit from this.

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Apart from controlling sugar exports, the government has imposed restrictions on the export of wheat. At the same time, an additional fertilizer subsidy of 1.1 million rupees was also announced for farmers.

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