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Mokhtar Ansari’s high-profile murder case Awadesh Rai disappeared from a registered court case

Another case was registered against the mafia of Mukhtar Al-Ansari. This case has been registered regarding the disappearance of the case file relating to the high profile murder case in Varanasi from the court. According to the police, the case notes were lost with the complicity of court employees. A case was registered against unknown persons, including Mukhtar, in a police station that was related to this matter.

Awadhish Rai, older brother of former Varanasi MLA Ajay Rai, was shot dead outside his home. Mukhtar Ansari is the main accused in this case. Kant Police Inspector Prabhu Kant said Thursday that a case has been registered against the Mokhtar Ansari mafia and some unknown persons for conspiring to lose the warrants of the original case in collusion with court staff.

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He said the hearing in the Awadesh Rai murder case is being held in the MP-MLA court in Varanasi. The hearing in the case is conducted on the photo instead of the notes of the original case.

Awadhish Rai was shot dead on 3 August 1991 at his home in Lahorebir. In this case, a case was registered against Mokhtar Ansari, ex-MLA Abdelkalam and several persons including Bhim Singh, Kamlesh Singh and Rakesh Judicial. Mukhtar is currently in prison.

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