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Monsoon weather updates will arrive on May 27 in Kerala Heatwave Relief – India Hindi News Learn

Many states of the country including Delhi-NCR, UP, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab and Haryana are facing scorching heat, but will have to wait a bit to get some relief from this. However, the monsoon will strike a little earlier each year. According to the latest forecast of the Indian Meteorological Department, the monsoon will reach Kerala on May 27. In general, the monsoon started from June 1, but this time it will strike 4 days earlier. Although the Meteorological Department in its long-term forecast had said earlier that the monsoon will reach Kerala on May 20 itself, but now in the new information, it is said that it will be delayed by a week.

The arrival of the monsoons from the southwest into the country has always been important for agriculture. But the way the scorching heat has started since Holi this year, people are eagerly waiting for the monsoon so that the heat can be avoided. The meteorological department said on Friday, “This year the southwest monsoon may reach Kerala a little earlier than the normal date on June 1. Monsoon will arrive in Kerala 4 days earlier on May 27. In fact, the entire Northwest region of India is exposed to scorching heat and now relief is only expected with the arrival of the monsoons.

For the first time after 2010, the monsoon comes very early

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However, even after the monsoon arrives in Kerala, it takes about two weeks for the rains to start in northern India. In such a case, rains are believed to start in states like UP, Delhi, Bihar, Haryana and Punjab by June 15 and there could be relief from the heat. The Meteorological Department says that if the monsoon arrives in Kerala on the 27th, it will be the first time after 2010, when the monsoon will blow a little earlier. Earlier, the monsoon arrived on June 3 last year, apart from that, it came on June 1 in 2020. Meanwhile, in 2019, the monsoon hit the Kerala coast on June 8.

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