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Moosewala killed why police didn’t identify all the shooters and didn’t arrest any militants – India India News

Even 13 days after the murder of Punjabi singer Chopdeep Singh aka Seydu Musiwala, the police have not been able to identify all the shooters involved in the crime and have not arrested any of the four aforementioned attackers so far. Musiwala was killed on 29 May by bullets he fired in two cars in Jawerk village in Mansa district. The police succeeded only in arresting close associates of the alleged conspirators or on charges of providing logistical support to the shooters. Delhi Police made contradictory claims about the perpetrators of the killings.

The police did not publish the list of shooters

A member of the special investigation team told The Indian Express, “We’ve identified four bowlers so far. We’ll only be sure when we find someone who can identify them both. Right now, it’s very difficult to tell how many bowlers were there. It could be seven or Eight or even nine.”

Musiwala massacre: Delhi police said, ‘6 of the shootings have been identified so far’

“The shooter has not been arrested yet. We did not publish the list of divorced people circulating on social media. Delhi Police released a list. But we have not confirmed any shooter on this. Two or three names on that list have already been proven to be fake. Mahakal was arrested In Maharashtra it is not the shooter. Harkmal Rano arrested by Patinda Police is not the shooter either. Both are on the list issued by Delhi Police.”

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AK . series weapon

Regarding the weapon used in the attack, the officer said: “The weapon is of the AK series. The ammunition can be used in many weapons. So we are waiting for a report and only then will we know which weapon was used.” 24 bullets fired into the singer’s body.

Musewala massacre: Bhagwant Mann seeks Canada’s support to apprehend gangsters, meets High Commissioner

Police are not clear about ISI and Rinda

Amid media reports that the murder could be linked to the Pakistan-based ISI and gangster Harvinder Singh Rinda, the police officer said, “So far, we can’t say anything about Rinda’s involvement.” Punjab police, who want to question gangster Lawrence Bishnoi for his alleged role in the murder, are not happy that his counterparts in Delhi on Friday secured the gang’s confinement for another four days. He was imprisoned in another case in Tihar prison in the national capital. Punjab police feel that the extension of Delhi Police custody of Lawrence Bishnoi may delay the murder case further.

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